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With 'We Are All Together Alone in the Wilderness' Michael Swaine and I invited you to join us on a journey into the wilderness as we performed a multi-media non-spectacle inspired by natural elements, the hand-built, and the work of Richard Louis "Dick" Proenneke, a naturalist who, for 30 years, lived alone in the high mountains of Alaska.

'We Are All Together Alone in the Wilderness' featured performances on the musical sewing machine (a foot-powered finger piano), Beat Blocks (a wooden, tangible interface for a rhythm sequencer), a tree stump record player/recorder, a canoe, buckets, and a two person saw.

This one-time-only presentation also included the screening of an "Alone in the Wilderness" remix, a re-edit of the original account of the day-to-day explorations and activities Proenneke carried out in the Alaskan wilderness, alone with the constant chain of nature's events that kept him company.

Curated by Valerie Imus for Southern Exposure.